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Study support
We offer discounts on study books (13%), summaries, and assessment training’s.

Career opportunities
Members can visit our career days, inhouse days, workshops and we connect students to potential future employers through our jobs database.

Social activities
Members receive discounts on dinners, drinks, parties and more.

Furthermore, you can develop your organizational, personal and professional skills by joining a committee/community. Also your network will expand quickly since you get to know other active members from all over the world.


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Study Association ECU’92 is the place to order your books for all your courses at the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E). All students who follow courses at U.S.E. can order all required literature throughout the year via our website.

At the beginning of each period, you can pick up the books you ordered. As a member of Study Association ECU’92 you will receive substantial discounts, making it the cheapest place to buy your books.

Make sure you become a member of ECU’92 before ordering your books, so you can get a substantial member discount. If you don’t order your books before the deadline, you can still order your books, but these will then be sent to your home address. Note that this might take longer, shipping costs will be charged and that the discount on Dutch literature is lower.[1]

Deadline: 18th of January 23.59

Order your books now


Are you somewhat behind with studying or do you just like to have all the important material needed for your exam bundled together? Buy a summary at ECU’92. Members receive a two euro discount on all summaries. Login or Sign up.

Summaries can be bought online and picked up at the ECU room (Spinoza 1.14), during opening hours.

Summary overview

Sponsor ECU’92 with your own purchases!

Do you use webshops every now and then? It is now possible to sponsor ECU’92 by visiting webshops via this ‘Sponsorkliks’ link

This website allows you to visit many webshops, the only difference with the regular way is that now a small percentage of your transactions will be sent to ECU. There are no extra costs or complications for you. This is one of the ways ECU tries to raise money to keep on organising great events for you in the future!


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