ECU'92 Study Trip

ECU'92 Study Trip

The ECU'92 Study Trip is the trip to get in touch with a different culture and a nice foreign city nearby the borders of Europe. We will visit some companies and embassies, but also a lot of monuments, clubs and restaurants. 


The committee of 2016-2017 is working hard on this years' trip, which will be a special one because of the lustrum! More information will follow soon, the only thing we can say for now:

SAVE THE DATE: The Study Trip will take place in the retake week from the 15th of April until the 23rd of April, 2017!

Study Trip of 2016: Latvia and Lithuania

The Study Trip committee organized a trip to Latvia and Lithuania last April. This trip provided the opportunity to get in touch with a different culture and to have fun with your fellow students. In eight days, ECU'92 visited some international and typical Baltic companies, an embassy, a university, but also museums, clubs, restaurants and other interesting places in the Baltic states.