Become a mentor student for U.S.E.


Do you want to support new freshmen and show them what life is like as a U.S.E. student? Become one of U.S.E.'s mentor students!

For the upcoming academic year, the U.S.E. would like to start with a more intensive student-mentor system. The goal of the mentorship is to assist and advise the freshmen students in order to make them more successful in their first year of studies.

The mentor system will be supplementary to the existing tutor system; the tutor is the MDE lecturer and will be available throughout the first year for support. The tutor will mainly advise on academic matters; the programme and the courses, academic and study skills, the selection of a minor and study progress. The mentor is expected to focus more on the operational issues of how to study; how to deal with the courses in the first period, where are the computer and printer facilities, when and how to start to prepare a presentation, who to approach for what kind of study advice, etcetera.

Would you like to become a mentor and help your fellow students to find their way at U.S.E., the UU and Utrecht? We expect our mentors to be present during the tutor session in the introduction week (Wednesday 6 September) and to organize weekly meetings in the first period, and frequent meetings in the other periods, with your mentor students. In September and October we expect you to have also regular meetings with the tutor of your mentor students (e.g. following an MDE tutorial). In the following months the sessions we thrive for one session a month.

We expect and hope that the mentorship will be a rewarding experience. Not only cause the freshmen students will appreciate your help, but as well cause the experience will improve you coaching skills and will be an asset in your CV. For that reason we will provide you with an official certificate when concluding your mentorship successfully.

Please register for the mentorship by sending a mail to the student desk ( For questions you can contact the Coordinator of the Bachelor Programme, Frank van der Salm (

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