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Introduction Committee

Dear Freshmen, dear ECU’92 members, we are the Introduction committee, and this year we are planning the best introduction week and introduction weekend in collaboration with U.S.E. for our new freshmen! This year’s theme (battle of the bands) promises a lot of fun, so be prepared! The introduction week is organized every year, so that the new students of U.S.E. can get to know the city better (where to eat, where to study, where to party), find new friends and explore the beginning of their student life. The introweekend is organized, because more is more and we don’t want the fun to stop. Not that it ever stops with ECU’92…

Apply ASAP, because spots for the weekend are limited and WANTED!


Chair Janna Anne Dommerholt
Secretary/ Scenario Book Nina Dolsma
Treasurer/ Scenario Book Olivia Hall
Coach Co, Andy Ghosh
Coach Co. Marijke Laarman
Co. Weekend Thomas Meere
Co. from the board Jan Korous




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