Bachelor membership benefits

Bachelor membership benefits

The Bachelor membership will cost you 45 euros. After payment you are a life-long member of ECU’92. Membership of ECU'92 offers a wide range of discounts and benefits. The biggest pros of being a member of ECU'92 are listed here:

1)  Most practical for every student is the discount on all study books. If you order your books via ECU'92, you will save yourself around 10-15 euros per book. Since you need eight books per academic year, you can save up to 80 euros per year!

2) You are able to join activities which are only open to members, such as the Study Trip, Forex Weekend Trip and various career related activities.

3) Membership gives you discount to summaries for courses, tickets for parties and other events which have an entrance fee.

4) ECU'92 is a kickstarter to your career. In your later years of studying, you will find it very usefull to get in touch with companies via our career events to arrange internships for instance. We organise various inhouse days during the year and have a Career Day with over 10 companies representing themselves.

5) As a member you can join one of the many committees of the association. Here you will develop your organisational, personal and professional skills from which you will benefit for the rest of your career. Also your network will expand quickly since you get to know other active members from all over the world.
Later on in your professional career, companies really appreciate extra-curricular activities such as being part of the organisation of an Economic conference or any of the other interesting committees within ECU'92.

Do you have any questions regarding our association or the membership? Contact us via, call us via 030-2539680 or come by at our office at Kriekenpitplein 18-19, room 1.14.