Master membership benefits

Master membership benefits

The Master membership will cost you 15 euros. After payment you are a life-long member of ECU’92 (note: if you have paid 45 euros in the Bachelor already, you don’t have to become member again when you start your master’s degree at U.S.E.). Membership of ECU'92 offers a wide range of benefits. The biggest pros of being a member of ECU'92 are listed here:

1) Discount on books (13%)
2) Join members-only activities (e.g. London Business Experience and In-house days)
3) Discount on summaries, tickets for events etc.
4) Kickstart your career at our career events
5) Develop your skills by becoming a committee-member

What we organise for master students

Master Communities
Are you interested in joining the Master Community of your programme? Find more information here!

Every month after the exams ECU’92 organises her monthly drinks. A great opportunity to meet up with friends, get in touch with new people and have a drink in a nice ambiance.

Economic Career Day Utrecht (ECDU)
The ECDU is the biggest career event of ECU’92. With over 140 participants and more than 10 companies we give our members the opportunity to network and get in touch with several companies and their businesses. Examples of companies that visited our ECDU are Rabobank, Alliander and Unilever. Also the government is participating (Central Bureau of Statistics and the Dutch Tax Authority for example).

In-house days
ECU’92 offers you the opportunity to visit several companies during the year. The last couple of years we visited for example Microsoft, Social Economic Council, PON and Accenture. Which companies we visit is different every year.

London Business Experience
The London Business Experience (LBE) is a three-day travel in which you will visit the financial centre of Europe. You can get in touch with multinationals and how it is to work for big companies.

Social events
Besides all our career activities we offer also social events for master students. Activities you can think of are a wine-tasting, a barbecue and a speed-networking event with Alumni.

Content-related events
Last but not least ECU’92 also organises activities that have something to do with your studies. Our Discussion & Lecture committee organises lectures several times per year, our conference committee organises the Economic Conference every year.

So there’s a lot the association organises for you. Of course you can also become part of the organisation of our events by joining one of our committees! Besides the fun organising activities it is an addition to your CV and you will develop skills which can help you in your later career.


Do you have any questions regarding our association or the membership? Contact us via, call us via 030-2539680 or come by at our office at Kriekenpitplein 18-19, room 1.14.