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London Business Experience

ECU’92 London Business Experience

Do you want to see how firms function in the business capital of Europe? Experience first-hand how some of the largest companies function? 

ECU has got the right opportunity for you! From November 25th to 28th, we are organizing our London Business Experience! The aim of this experience will be to familiarize students with the workings of big firms, such as banks, consultancy firms and other multinationals, while at the same time enjoying fun that only London can offer. We have already arranged travelling, accommodation and lots of fun activities.

Utrechts Universiteitsfonds

The Utrechts Universiteitsfonds (U-fonds) supports studentorganisations and individual students by providing subsidies to different initiatives. The ECU’92 Business Experience is one of these initiatives that is supported by the U-fonds. For more information regarding subsidies to events by the association or individual students, click here

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