The Businesses of StIB


The past years the members of StIB have continuously been working on improving your education. Examples of achievements of the past years are:

  • Longer opening hours for Adam Smith
  • Better regulations for students with dyslexia 
  • The reform of provided courses based on the student evaluations. 
  • Cleare rules for availability of computer rooms in the U.S.E. buildings.
  • The introduction of a student mentor for first year bachelor students.

Current Action Points of StIB

This is a overview of some of the actions that StIB is working on currently.

  • The Activating Education Project. 
    How can we make tutorials and lectures more interesting for you? What makes tutorial or a lecture a good one? Together with U.S.E. and an external professional, we are discussing how lectures and tutorials can become more interesting and challenging. 
  • Should we have anonymous exams? 
  • Are some minors too hard or too easy compared to the rest of the studies?
  • Is it a good idea to make everybody eligible for a retake, also if you scored higher than a 6?
  • Are the different online learning environments always useful, and aren’t the licencing codes for them too expensive?
  • How content are students with PhD students who also work as teaching assistants? Can the quality of their tutorials be improved?

Useful links


  • Did you know you can find the results of the course evaluations on BlackBoard? If you go to the uu site> information for students> practical information> quality and public participation> and then evaluation of education, you will find the link to BlackBoard where you can find the results. To make it a bit easier, you can also click on this link.
  • On you can find available studyspots in Utrecht.