Faculty Council elections

Faculty Council elections

The Faculty Council is the participation body that is involved with decision making at the level of the faculty REBO.  It consists of 12 students and 12 staff members. As member of the student representation of U.S.E. in the Faculty Council, you make sure that the rights of your fellow students are ensured within the faculty. By means of advising, assenting and initiating you keep a critical eye on the faculty board. All kinds of topics are discussed in the monthly meetings; Education and Examination Regulations (OER), internationalization, diversity, personnel policy, and facilities are all subjects that are discussed. It is very important that the opinion of the U.S.E. students is heard within the faculty board, to ensure their needs and wants, and the opinion of each member of the student representation is taken into consideration. Together with the other elected students, important changes can be made into the daily course of events.

Since the faculty consists largely of Dutch programs, a passive understanding of Dutch is required.

Do you think you are the right person to represent your fellow Economics students? Upload your CV and motivation statement now! If you'd like more information, contact Kas Westerbeek, education@ecu92.nl

Currently, the thee representatives on behalf of Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) are Emily Koopman, Mallory Bellairs, Henk van Voorst.

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