Bloom Consulting

Since 2003, Bloom Consulting has developed branding strategies for various local and national governments around the world, collaborating with prime ministers, presidents, mayors, heads of tourism boards, and directors of investment agencies.

Bloom Consulting provides clients with a range of unique products and consulting services based on our proprietary methodologies. Bloom Consulting has three main services.

Firstly, digital demand. The digital demand tool analyses large compilations of online search data to accurately estimate the real demand for tourism, trade and talen in a specific country, region or city. 

Second, consulting. Each country, region, or city branding project that Bloom Consulting undertakes provides clients with valuable insights from our unique tools and methodologies for research, strategy, and implementation.

Third, master classes. Along with top-quality consulting services, Bloom Consulting offers tailored master classes, strategic workshops, and unique conferences

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