Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd’s of London is not a company; it is a market where members join together as syndicates to insure risk. A great deal of Lloyd’s business works by subscription, where more than one syndicate takes a share of the same risk. Business is conducted face-to-face between brokers and underwriters in the Underwriting Room.


Lloyd's can be distinguised into two parts. Firstly the market, which is made up of many independent businesses. And secondly, the Corporation of Lloyd’s which is there – broadly speaking – to oversee that market. These parts are distinct, but far from independent. Both work closely to maintain high standards of performance across the market.

The Corporation oversees and supports the Lloyd’s market, ensuring it operates efficiently and retains its reputation as the market of choice for specialist insurance and reinsurance risk.
It comprises many different teams, from International Markets and Business Development to Claims and Market Operations. These teams work together to promote Lloyd’s around the world, raise performance and manage Lloyd’s worldwide licences. The Corporation has more than 800 employees worldwide.

What are we looking for?

Lloyd’s is looking for people from all backgrounds that can bring in fresh thinking and different perspectives. You need to be enthusiastic and ambitious for success. We want you to be the kind of person who is eager to learn all about Lloyd’s, question how we do things, and lead us forward.