London Business Tour 2014

In April 2014, 23 economic students were able to get in touch with the dynamic world of financial London. The trip was organised by ECU'92 members for their fellow students. The trip lasted 8 days. ECU'92 organized this London Business Tour for the first time. The trip has been a great success. Check the pictures in the media section.

London is not only a famous global city but also one of the world’s leading international financial centres. The economy of the London metropolitan area is the largest in Europe. London is together with New York City the most important location for international finance. Hundreds of banks, financial businesses and institutions have settled in London in one squared mile that accommodates over five hundred financial businesses. The city of London is home to the Bank of England, London Stock Exchange and Lloyd. It is an outstanding attraction for everyone interesting in finance, banking and economics.

The London Business Tour is the ultimate opportunity for ECU'92 members to examine a future in the financial world. Company visits, presentations by influential leaders, meeting with ECU'92 alumni, drinks with recruiters, and more. Furthermore, two of our former participants used this stepping stone to acquaintain a job in financial London!

Recruitment for the London Business Tour has ended. The recruitment of next year will initiate around january. Do not hestitate to contact us if you have any questions about the event via

The Business Tour is held in April. Make sure you subscribe as soon as possible

As a professor of Finance at Utrecht University, I fully support his London Business Tour. It is a perfect way for student, who are following the International Economcs and Business master or other master programmes, to get acquainted with the labour market.

- Clemens Kool