Jesse Boeve

Jesse Boeve

The marketing committee of ECU’92 is ready to introduce to you the first figure of the Humans of ECU’92 project: the well-known chair of the XXVIth board of ECU’92: Jesse Boeve!


What is your biggest struggle at the moment?

Jesse: Keeping the association alive. (laughs) No, we’re doing pretty well in that matter. We work hard every day, but we don’t really struggle every day, we just work hard every day and most things work out, so I can’t really call them struggles. Also personally I’m currently working on my thesis, so that’s pretty much a struggle to combine working on your thesis and at the same time being here every day from 09.00-17.00 and having activities, so I keep myself busy during the weekends and at night.


And what is your thesis about?

Jesse: I’m in the first stage of my thesis, but it is about gender diversity in board rooms, so I’m looking at the relationship between more females in the boardroom and firm performance, and especially if there is a certain percentage of females you need to have in the board room to achieve the effect you want. The idea is that women have certain characteristics that add and that men don’t have so the diversity works. I hope to find that relationship.


What is your biggest ambition in life?

Jesse: Biggest ambition in life, oh my god. Do you have a minute? There a lot of things I would like to do. I’m very into politics, I would love to become the prime minister of the Netherlands one day, and also maybe on the European level, represent the Netherlands in the Council.


Outside of school and outside of ECU’92, what do you like to do? What are your passions?

Jesse: I have no time outside of ECU’92 (laughs). I really like football, I used to play football. Nowadays I tend to be here a lot, but I enjoy going out at night and having drinks, because we also do that a lot this year.


What is one thing you want to accomplish before you die?

Jesse: (laughs) Maybe travel a lot, but that’s a little bit of a standard answer… Maybe a marathon, I’d love to do a Marathon. Also, have a lot of children. I always say I want to have 6 children (laughs), it can be less as well, but it depends on the woman. No, I don’t think I need children to sustain me, but I think that’s just fun to have a lot of children.


Do you have any last remarks?

Jesse: World peace (laughs).