Student Interest Body (StIB)

Student Interest Body (StIB)

The Student Interest Body (StIB) is a body that consists of all members involved in student representation at U.S.E. In this committee we share one goal: “Improving education to the benefit of students”. Although all members have different mandates in different governance bodies, in the StIB we combine all our insights and mandates to analyse points of improvement and achieve common goals. 

Do you want to see what the members of StIB have achieved in the last years, and what they are currently working on? Click here

So if you, as a student, have a matter concerning your courses or other educational matters; we encourage you to contact one of your representatives! If you do not know where your suggestion, complaint or compliment has to go to, send an email to You can also drop by at the ECU’92 room and talk to the Coordinator of Educational Affairs from the ECU’92 board.

In the members list below, you can see the different roles that StIB members have. Recruitment for the Degree Programme Committee is open in September. All the other members are selected and/or elected around June.

In case you would like to be part of one of the governance bodies that StIB members operate in the next year please contact the coordinator of educational affairs at The bodies and their members are listed below, feel free to contact them as well.

Chair Filippo Martini
Bachelor Degree Programme Committee 1st Year Judith van der Nat
Bachelor Degree Programme Committee 2nd Year Elisa Terragno Bogliaccini
Bachelor Degree Programme Committee 3rd Year Filippo Martini
Bachelor Degree Programme Committee 3th Year Ruth Whitehead
Master Degree Programme Committee (IM/BDE) Karim Qurie
Master Degree Programme Committee (EP) Sharon Spruit
Master Degree Programme Committee (L&E) Lisanne Born
Faculty Council Mallory Bellairs
Faculty Council Emily Koopman
Faculty Council Henk van Voorst
Student Member of the U.S.E. Board (assessor) Yael Potjer
BUS & GBU Board member and Coordinator from the Board Kas Westerbeek