It’s not the case that economics doesn’t have anything to do with creativity at all. Next to keeping your math and statistics skills on a high level, you need to think out of the box to find new linkages and relationships between different factors to unravel the many mysteries that our science still bears. If this doesn’t match your interest, you can still use different colours when you shift graphs—but let’s stop putting lipstick on the pig at this point. Recruitment for the Editorial Committee is open in September.

Keeping you informed

A bunch of economics students that wants more than to regress variables and switch between a dark and a light blue fineliner every now and then landed in the Editorial Committee in our search for an outlet for our creativity, providing you with The Ecunomist. Seemingly totally selfishly, we use the opportunity to train our journalistic skills. This reaches from brainstorming and coordinating all necessary tasks among our members to interviewing noticeable and/or notable people, individually composing one’s article, and finally over spellchecking to editing the layout. Yet, also partly selflessly, we put all this effort in it to make sure that you are not only well-informed about USE, ECU and the remaining part of the world of economics, but that you also enjoy a good read—at least this is what we hope! . Click here to see some ECU'nomists 

Chair James Dunstan
Secretary Britt Kuipers
Treasurer / Coordinator Lay-Out Matus Lavko
Coordinator Design / Coordinator of Grammatical Affairs Ruth Whitehead
Coordinator Lay-out Haydn Wiles
Coordinator from the Board Jan Korous


Do you have ideas for the Ecunomist or do you want to write an article yourself? Contact us via editorial@ecu92.nl.