The task of the Activities Committee is to make sure that ECU'92 members can visit fun activities. In a relaxing way, the committee aims to bring economic students together and thereby contributing to the first mission statement of ECU'92: Promoting the social connections between economics students at the Utrecht University.

Hello fellow students,

This year’s Activities Committee has barely started and our first activity of the year was allready a big succes: the Lustrum Buit-ex to Berlin! Besides the Buit-ex, we will also organize a beercantus, a football-tournament and a fourth activity that will be kept a secret for now.

We are al very excited and motivated to bring you the best activities so you can catch a break from your study-filled days (or nights). Also, participating in our activities is an easy way to get to know a lot of people and make friends, so don’t hesitate and join in to make this year amazing and unforgettable.

Lots of love,

Activities Committee 2016-2017

Chair Jan Korous
Secretary Louise Snel
Treasurer Job van Merode
Coordinator Promotion Anouk Strijk
Coordinator Location / Coordinator BuitEx Annemarie Steutel
Coordinator Activities / Coordinator BuitEx Enrico Vassallo
Coordinator Lustrum / Promotion 2 Costanza Lazzaroli
Coordinator from the Board Thimo Stuijt